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A little information on Tag Archery

Tag Archery is a combination of archery, paintball and dodge ball taking the best elements of all these great sports and combining them into one. It is a new exhilarating, safe and family friendly combat archery adrenaline sport that can be played indoors (soft play venues, gyms and halls) or outdoors (fields, parks, woods or beaches). Players use short bows to shoot ultra-safe foam-tipped arrows at the opposing team members on the field.  Think dodgeball, but with a bow and arrow, this fast moving, action packed game is sure to get the adrenaline pumping. Some would say it’s a bit like paintball without the pain, bruises or welts. It’s the ultimate team sport and promotes teamwork, self-confidence, communication, leadership, fitness, tactical thinking and is just outright great fun.

Combat archery
Tag Archery

and little bit more information

All the equipment is completely mobile so you can come to us or we can bring it to you. Players do not need archery skills of any kind to play therefore you can pick up skills in no time at all!; it’s simple, safe and fun for all ages! Enjoy with friends, family or colleagues at work.

Tag Archery is best played with kids ages 7 year and up, friends, relatives, colleagues and large groups of people. Communicate and work together cohesively as a team to beat your opponent. You can also choose to compete with each other by joining different sides in order to shoot your friends. Where else could you shoot Mum, Dad, your siblings or even your boss with a bow and arrow and get away with it? Our soft, foam tipped arrows are 100%  ultra-safe but don’t let one of them hit you or YOU’RE OUT!!

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Tag Archery Games

Information on games for Tag Archery in Bournemouth

Team Deathmatch

Two teams working together to eliminate the opposing team. Learn to enhance your aiming skills whilst dodging arrows!


Great British Bulldog, 1 person in the middle with other players running from one end to the other, get hit you become a Bulldog... run backwards and forwards until everyones out and hope your not the last player 😉

Stag/Hen/Birthday Boy or Girl Parade!

Simple game, all players lined up against the side, ready to fire there arrows the Stag/Hen or Birthday boy/girl has to run down the middle avoiding as many arrows as they can. Note for stag groups you remain fully clothed).

Capture the Flag

One that really needs explanation...!

Last Man Standing

Now known as 'Last Person Standing', Each player for him/herself!

One for Stags…

Stag stands facing towards the goal and you know the rest...